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Privatization of Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-Telecom and …

June 5,2018

The thirty-six members executive committee of the ruling coalition announced that it is partially privatizing important state owned firms like Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio-Telecom and electric power, among other things. It is also privatizing sugar factors and other incomplete projects in the country. The following video is from state owned television and talks about firms to be partially and fully privatized. (p.s. video is in Amharic)

Cover photo : Screenshot from video
Video credit : ETV

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  1. Every time you hear of “privatization” the question ought to be who the investors are. The experience thus far has been mainly Tigray Front members and loyalists. Not kidding. Mulugeta Tesfakiros (a Tigrayan) is teamed up with Bob Geldof the hypocrite to invest in winery. Mulugeta was given preferential treatment when he returned from the US. Money rolled in and to defend his actions and those of his party he chimed in by saying “What’s democracy? The opposition needs support by the middle class. When we have a middle class, we will have a stronger democracy. Until then, we have a nanny for the democracy. Democracy is a matter of education and civilisation – 85% of our population is farmers; we don’t know how to read and write. When you have a middle class, you push for your rights.” And Geldof, the savior of Tigray children remained mum over wanton killings that the world vehemently condemned. “I was back from Korem,” Geldof recalled. “I was tired, exhausted, and in a mess. I was craving for good meal and a drink…” Now that he has a thriving business where locals were evicted off their land to make way for him and his ruling party member partner, Geldof says, “I’m tired of talking too much about aid to Africa. We rather need job opportunities, transfer of technology and also transfer of skills.” Get the point?


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