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Ethiopia recalled its Ambassador from Saudi Arabia ; ambassador from Moscow moving to Brussels

Abiy Ahmed’s government seem to be responding to complaints of service delivery in the Ethiopians embassy and consulate in Saudi Arabia

Girum Abay
Girum Abay, Ethiopian Ambassador to Moscow now transferred to Brussels
Source : MFAE

May 23, 2018

Ethiopia recalled its ambassador in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Ambassador Amin Abdulkadir is notified to report to the ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia immediately.

The ministry has also recalled Ambassador Wubshet Demssie who works from the consular office in Jeddah. The department did not spell out why it decided to recall the Ambassadors from Saudi Arabia except disclosing that “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalled and reshuffled Ambassadors for various reasons” in a social media update

The ministry also announced that Ambassador Amin Abdulkadir is now named as Ethiopia’s ambassador to the North African country, Algeria. However, it did not say a word about the fate recalled Ethiopian consul in Jeddah, Ambassador Wubshet Demissie.

Ambassador Abdulaziz Ahmed who worked as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ambassador to Kuwait is now named as Ethiopia’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, based at the embassy in Riyadh.

Further, the ministry announced that Solomon Abebe who was Ethiopia’s ambassador to Algeria is now assigned as Ethiopia’s ambassador to Nigeria and Girum Abay is no more Ethiopia’s ambassador in Moscow. The latter is now assigned to work as Ethiopia’s ambassador to Brussels, Belgium.

The recalls and reshuffles of Ambassadors came following prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Saudi Arabia where he met with Saudi prince and negotiated the release of more than one thousand Ethiopian prisoners.

Ambassador Amin Abdulkadir
Source : MFAE
A report by Sheger FM noted that there have been complaints of service delivery at the Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia when Saudi Arabian government issued a decree for immigrants with no residence or work permit to leave the country within three months of time. But it did not confirm if the changes to the Ambassadorial positions at the Ethiopian embassy and counsel in Saudi Arabia has something to do with service delivery complaints.

However, it is a public knowledge that the Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia has been criticized by Ethiopians for many years now for failing to deliver efficient and effective service and also for failing to defend the rights of Ethiopians.

In many of his public speech after taking the prime minister’s office, Abiy Ahmed emphasized the importance of quality service delivery as one of the crucial issues for his government.

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