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“Government is investigating overseas bank accounts of officials”says Prime minister Abiy Ahmed

Abiy Ahmed _Service Delivery

May 15,2018

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed says that his government is investigating overseas bank accounts of government officials and that countries are cooperating with his government on this matter.

He spoke about it during a meeting with his cabinet ministers and deputy ministers today, according to state media. From the look of it, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss service delivery in the public service which was characterized in the past as inefficient and ridden with red tapes.

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed is aiming for efficient, fast,corruption free and client oriented service delivery. A paper that is said to be researched by himself was presented during the discussion and the focus of the paper is,according to government media sources, leadership skills.

Quality service delivery and a public servant dedicated for serving the public are the ideals that Abiy Ahmed is trying to make the hallmarks of his administration.

The weekly cabinet meeting on Friday is to move to Saturdays so as, the prime minister told his ministers, not to waste working hours for a meeting. And he want his ministers to be not just critics but leaders who generate ideas in the sector they are leading.

In essence, say some observers, what the prime minister seem to be aspiring to achieve is tantamount to revolutionizing a system that has been corrupt and inefficient for more than two decades. In fact, corruption became a part of the system by design as the regime works to gain a social base that could be relevant for legitimacy, an effort which rather brought about pretty much the opposite of what was intended to achieve. It is in that light that critical observers are saying that Abiy Ahmed might be a bit unrealistic in his objective of achieving efficient and quality service delivery with senior government officers who were part and parcel of the corrupt system in one way or another. Yet, the task of doing away with old guards from his administration is not without a risk at this point in time.

Practicality of “investigating over sea bank accounts of members of his government” is questioned as well. And there are those who goes to the extent of questioning if Abiy meant what he said in that regard. The reason is that government officers would obviously avoid depositing loots in foreign banks in their names or with the names of their relatives.

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