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Prime minister Abiy Ahmed reportedly terminated Abay Tsehaye and three other officials

Powerful but unpopular TPLF veteran politician Abay Tsehaye is terminated. Will that trigger, or rather, hasten TPLF plot against Abiy Ahmed?

Abay Tsehaye

May 11,2018

A day after prime minister appointed 43 Federal government officials, he reportedly terminated four high ranking government officers who used to have significant influence in the way the Federal government operated.

Three of the officers are from Tigray Peoples Liberation Front,(TPLF),which is the dominant entity in the ruling coalition, and one of them, Abay Tsehaye, is the nine members executive committee member of TPLF.

President of Meles Academy,Tedros Hagos, Getachew Ambaye (who was head of the Federal Prosecutor), and Deputy director of Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), Colonel Tazer Gebregziabhier are the other officers terminated by the new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed.

They are terminated as of May 11, indicates a letter which ESAT got, as per its claim, from anonymous sources from within the government.

Abay Tsehaye served as director of policy study and research center institute in addition to his role as adviser to the prime minister. He was also in charge of a huge sugar production project and he is widely accused of grand corruption scandal that led to bankruptcy of the billions of birr sugar project. Known for his die hard stand to defend the ideology of Tigray People’s Liberation Front,which critics in the opposition quarter believe to be an ethno-chauvinist agenda focused of creating wealth for Tigray at the expense of the rest of Ethiopia, he is also one the belligerent TPLF upper echelons implicated in connection with the arrest of politicians in the opposition quarter.

While termination of Abay Tsehaye is received as good news, there are voices who question as to why Abay Tsehaye is not held accountable in connection with what people believed to be is a grand scandal he committed as head of the sugar project, among other things.

There was much skepticism whether Abiy Ahmed would be able to exercise power to take measures that are in the interests of Ethiopians as there is a belief that TPLF still has a firm control over Federal government by virtue of control over the intelligence unit and the army. That in turn seem to convince a good number of Ethiopians to believe that Abiy Ahmed has not consolidated his power yet.

There was unverified report earlier this week that TPLF high ranking officials are holding a meeting in Mekelle on matters related to power struggle within the ruling party as many of the political positions at the Federal level are not under the control of TPLF which has angered the wider membership including high ranking military officers.

While representing, by virtue of ethnic origin, only about 6 % the entire population of Ethiopia, TPLF has been dominating the federal government for more than twenty five years which turned out to the a contentious issue within the ruling party during the latest party meeting for the ruling coalition EPRDF.

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  1. The Tigrian people via TPLF has fought and won their own freedom and dignity. The rest of Ethiopia has been despised them for decades, if not centuries, and couldn’t swallow the fact that they held/are still holding to power. TPLF is ideologically smarter than the rest of the parties in Tigray that claim to stand for the people. TPLF knew that it was only a matter of time until someone like Abiy Ahmed comes along and undo everything. Article 38 is not just an ethno-chauvinism, It is strategically and aldeologicaly pragmatic. I know Amhara and Oromo friends, they just can’t stand Tigrians and it is racist and pure hate. Period!

    • with the same logic i beg to differ because TPLF SHOULD be held accountable for its ethnic based federalism in the beginning furthermore it should be held accountable for the Ethio- Eritriea war and its outcome, also it should answer for the casualties and chaos that occurred in the election in 2005….. THE LIST CAN GO ON ETHIOPIA IS BETTER OFF WITH TIGRAY TO BE HONEST IF SUCCESSION IS THE ANSWER LET IT BE , TIGRAY NEEDS ETHIOPIA ,EVEN WITH RAYA TSEGEDE HOMORA IS GIVEN TO TIGRAY(WHICH WILL BE CONTENSTED TO THE LAST AMHARA AND ETHIOPIAN) EVEN THEN TIGARY IS THE HANDICAP THATS THE FACT , FORGET TIGRAY ERITREA HAS BECOME A STATE MAKING US LAND LOCKED ( BTW WITH LARGE POPULATION WE ARE THE ONLY LAND LOCKED STATE WHO DID THAT ?) SO DONT PUSH IT MAKE SOUND LIKE WE NEED YOU !!!

  2. I believe what you said might be TRUE but you know what as A LEADER o LEADERS of any country we have to be WISE an COMPROMISE based on what the changes of the people, situations Demands and …. of the People we have been working with toward peace and prosperity for Ethiopia no one in his or her RIGHT mind will forget the people of TIGERAY paid for our Ethiopia but please please live all the anger and come to the TABLE and discuss the FUTURE of our Ethiopia together we know WE LOVE EACH OTHER and THERE IS NO TIGRAY WITHOUT ETHIOPIA AND THERE IS NO ETHIOPIA WITHOUT TIGRAY GOD BLESS I LOVE YOU ALL EQUALLY COME BROTHERS AND SISTERS LETS WORK TOGETHER. Also, it’s Okay to agree to disagree but at the END of The DAY WE ARE ONE WE ALL ARE ETHIOPIAN


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