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ANDM vows to defend the interest of Amhara people

Source : AMMA

May 10,2018

Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) today concluded its organizational conference which was under way for a few days in Bahir Dar.

Media sources say that the party evaluated what it called challenges it was experiencing and identified directions to overcome them.

In a resolve the party came up with after concluding the conference, it vowed to defend the interest of Amhara within the context of Democratic Amhara Nationalism. The party added that it will examine its challenges and work to address demands raised by the people in the region. And it is public that one of the demands in the region revolves around identity question at the center of which is the question of Wolkait, which is incorporated to Tigray regional state after TPLF took power in 1991.

In terms of support to media, the party says it will work to ensure that the regional media outlet – Amhara Mass Media Agency – stays the course ; be a voice for all.

In the line of development issues, the party pledge to work towards making educational facilities are the region suitable for contemporary teaching-learning process, apparently as opposed to traditional ones. The administration in the region is highly criticized for by activists in social media for failing to ensure that students have basic facilities important teaching learning including classroom, seats and blackboard which is not the case in many rural areas in the region.

The issue of Amhara who are looted and expelled from other regions of Ethiopia as if they are aliens is also discussed by ANDM and the party says that it will work to avert displacement. But this is again another area where the party is criticized as irrelevant to the people of Amhara. This month alone more than 500 households were displaced from Benshagul Gumuz region of Ethiopia apparently on no other grounds other than being Amhara.

In a related story, ANDM picked Andualem Tesfaye,who is head of the region’s Industrial Development Office head, as secretary of the central committee of the party.

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