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Gedu Angargachew’s administration to release 3591 prisoners

Gedu Andargachew administration seem to be determined to win the support of critics but can it affford to stand for what people in the region belive in?

ANDM - Gedu Andargachewu
Gedu Andargachewu , ,Amhara Regional State president

May 6, 2018

Gedu Andargachew’s regional government based in Bahir Dar is to release 3591 prisoners in the region. The regional media, Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), cited the region’s justice department head, Cheru Ferde, to report that the decision came from the regional cabinet.

Apparently, the prisoners to be released include those whose is still in court.

Prisoners not excluded from the amnesty, based on the report by AMMA, are criminals whose case is related to corruption, rape, circulation of counterfeit money, human trafficking and those who committed “inhuman” act.
The description seems to suggest that prisoners to be released are most likely political prisoners detained during the anti-government protest, among others, in different parts of the region.

The decision is expected to take effect starting this coming Wednesday.

Despite a number of prominent political prisoners are released in the country since January of this year, it is believed that thousands of political prisoners are still languishing in prison.

Politicized Ethiopians were critical when Abiy Ahmed bargained for the release of Ethiopian prisoners in Sudan while he is not doing something visible and meaningful to release political prisoners at home including Andargachew Tsige who was abducted from Yemen by TPLF intelligence apparatus in exchange for what Ethiopians believe to be millions of dollars.

The party administering Amhara region, Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) is having its conference in Bahir Dar, since yesterday, which aims at “deepening and widening the movement to reinvigorate governance in a way to address demands of change from the people.” Unlike the transformed Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO), the administration in Bahir Dar has a serious legitimacy crisis although some of the leadership including the region’s president, Gedu Andargachew, is getting some acceptance for efforts to resist domination and oppression by TPLF. But the acceptance seem to be hinged on the hope that the admnistration will transform itself to firmly stand for and support change. Gedu is believed to have interest to do so. The question is he capable of removeing the hurdle from within that TPLF loyalists and opportunits represent?

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