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Ethiopian woman savagely attacked by her employers in Lebanon

Ethiopian woman
Photo : screenshot from video footage released on SM

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May 2,2018

Ethiopian woman is reportedly attacked by her employers and is left to die in the street. She worked as a housemaid.

A graphic video footage that emerged in social media shows the woman unable to stand up and bleeding.

She is identified as Awi Gudeta and she has been reportedly in Lebanon for about 10 months. Apparently, she was not paid her compensation since she started working for them.

Ethiopian consulate in the city has not reacted yet. So is the foreign affairs ministry of Ethiopia. Ethiopian consulates and embassies in the middle east are often criticized for being nor responsive for incidents like this for many years now.

The video footage was released on social media since yesterday.

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians live in Beirut working as maids. Savage attacks on Ethiopian maids happen from time to time but the Ethiopian government does not seem to have strategic plan to defend the rights of Ethiopians working in Middle East as maids. Some African countries, for example Kenya, have banned migration to middle eastern countries.

In the past, employment agencies engaged in sending Ethiopian women to the middle east as maids were linked to the TPLF authorities.

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