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Ethiopians displaced from Benshangul taking refugee in a church in Bahir Dar

Ethiopians displaced from Benshangul Gumuz taking refugee at St. George Church in Bahir Dar
Source : VOA Amharic

May 1,2018

It is like becoming a customary for Ethiopians in the country side leading a subsistence life to be reduced to a status of internally displaced people due to the brutes of ethnic politics.

Amharic service of Voice of America reported today that about 527 households displaced from Benshangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia, where the prime minister and his deputy paid a visit today, are taking refugee at St. George church in Bahir Dar.

These Ethiopians who were once engaged in activities ranging from cattle raising to commerce and to small scale farming in the area from where they were displaced aliens have now become paupers.

And the regional government in Bahir Dar does not seem to be able to do something to change the situation they are living in. They old VOA Amharic service that they have appealed to the regional authorities to help them resettle but to no avail.

Amharic speaking Ethiopians have been targets of ethnic based hatred in different parts of Ethiopia partly due to ethnic politics that demonized Amharic speaking Ethiopians who are believed to be from what is now Amhara region and a partly due to systematic orchestration by the dominant party in the ruling coalition, Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Ethnic based violence and hatred is becoming a new reality in Ethiopia ; the “new” Abiy Ahmed administration is projecting rhetoric that seem to give the impression that there is no longer interest in ethnic based violence which was once seen as aspect of TPLF modus operandi. In reality, ethnic based hatred and violence is still happening in Ethiopia.

In September 2017, half a million Oromo speaking Ethiopians were displaced from Ethio-somali region following what was said to be an ethnic based violence along the Ethio-somali and oromo speaking parts in south east Ethiopia.

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