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Activists launched campaign for the release of Andargachew Tsige

April 30, 2018

Ethiopian activists have launched an intensive campaign on social media platforms to pressure the government in Ethiopia to release Ethiopian activist and one of the leaders of Ginbot 7 movement, Andargahew Tsige, who has a British citizenship.

The hashtag #FreeAndargachewTsige is trending in the Ethiopian community on Twitter.

He was abducted in 2014 from Yemen’s capital Sana’a while he was in transition to Eritrea. At the time it was reported by Ethiopian media outlets in the opposition quarter that the TPLF run security apparatus in the country spent millions of dollars in an effort to capture Andargachew Tsige. Earlier, Angargachew was sentenced to death in Absentia.

At the height of massive popular protest in the country, the regime in Ethiopia announced that it will release political prisoners and close Maekelawi torture chamber, where Andargachew is said to be detained for some time soon after he was captured in 2014.

When political prisoners were released in January and February of this year, the government refused to release Andargachew Tsige, whose family is in London.

At some point in the past, the British government is believed to have a dialogue with authorities in Ethiopia but they were apparently unable to secure the release of Andargachew. He is not even allowed to be visited by his family, including his children.

The popular protest in the country caused turmoil within the ruling party and led to leadership changes which ushered Abiy Ahmed as the new prime minister of Ethiopia.

The prime minister has been to different parts of the country holding town hall meetings and rallies in an apparent move to mobilize support to his administration which is believed to be reform-minded, and the prime minister pledged numerous changes.

The campaign for the release of Andargachew Tsige is going to be a test to see if Abiy Ahmed has a real power has the power to take actions that will help pave the way for reconciliation in the country.

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