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Abiy Ahmed’s new cabinet ministers to be announced today. Who are they?

Abiy Ahmed is reportedly announcing his new cabinet ministers tomorrow. New appointments in key sectors are expected. Defense and Justice ministry to be filled with OPDO officials.

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April 19, 2018

In what is to be Abiy Ahmed’s first parliamentary session since he took Hailemariam Desalegne as chairman of EPRDF and prime minister, he will be attending the 21st regular session of the parliament today.

And he is expected to announce his new cabinet members to be approved by the parliament.

Sources close to the ruling party, including Horn Affairs and Fana Broadcasting Corporation, reported that Shiferaw Shigute, for whom the TPLF fought hard during the race for prime minister within EPRDF council, is to be the minister of agriculture and livestock. He served as minister of education during Hailemariam Desalgn administration.

The current Minister of Defense, Siraj Fergessa who is from Southern Ethiopian People Democratic Movement (SEPDM), will be the minister of Transport.

Mottuma Mekasa, a member of Oromo People’s Democratic Organization whose chairman is Abiy Ahmed, will be appointed as the minister of defense according to the sources. It is a public knowledge that senior military positions in the defense force are mostly under the tight control of TPLF and if Abiy Ahmed is indeed a reformist, as many of his supporters assert, much needed meaningful reform in the defense force is prone to cause a serious confrontation with TPLF. This week, two senior military officers of TPLF, Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnaw and General Teklebrhan Woldearegay resigned as Director General of METEC and Director General of INSA respectively “to focus on their roles within the military.” According to research-based estimates from the opposition quarter, more than 95 percent of high ranking military officers in the defense force are from TPLF, the dominant party in the ruling coalition.

Berhanu Tsegaye, also a member of OPDO, is said to be assigned to the ministry of Justice Department.

The current speaker of the house, Abadula Gemeda, and it is to be remembered that he returned to his position after he tendered resignation letter over claims of “disrespect to his people and his party”, will be replaced by Mufriyat Kemil from SEPDM, according to Horn Affairs – news portal with sources from within the ruling elites in TPLF.

Negeri Lencho, government communication affairs minister, is selected by Oromo regional state president Lemma Megersa to serve as communication head for the region. Ahmed Shide from Ethiopian Somali region is said to be the next government communication affairs minister, the sources added.

The foreign ministry is reportedly to remain under Dr. Workeneh Gebeyehu who is also from OPDO.

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