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Imprisoned blogger and Oromo regional government officials set free

Taye Dendea
Taye Dendea
Source : Social Media

April 16,2018

In recent months, it has become more like customary for authorities in Ethiopia to arrest and release bloggers and government officials.

Some two weeks ago, authorities in charge of the Command Post, a body that oversees the state of emergency, ordered the arrest of an influential blogger, Seyoum Teshome in addition to two Oromo regional state officials – Taye Dendea who is public relation officer of Justice Department and Iyasu Angasu, a senior regional police commander.

borkena learned from sources in Ethiopia that they are released today.

Taye Dendea,pictured above, was arrested days after his interview with Deutsche Welle radio Amharic service in connection with the massacre of civilians in the border town of Moyale. He explicitly condemned the killing and likened it to a war crime.

Seyoum Teshome , a lecturer at Ambo University and a blogger, was taken from his house by security forces under the command of the Command Post. He was apparently arrested over exercising freedom of expression which is restricted under the state of emergency which was declared a day after Hailemariam desalegn resigned as prime minister.

They were initially detained in the notorious torture chamber, Maekelawi,and were transferred to Addis Ababa Police Commission facility following the closure of Maekelawi this month.

Anticipation was high that the new prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, would lift the state of emergency but that did not happen to date. Abiy is pre-occupied with touring the country and meet with “residents”, according to state media. Yet, there is already fatigue of his rhetoric as people seem to believe that he will got get things done due to firm control of power by TPLF elites.

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