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Dilemma of the new PM , the ruling coalition and TPLF machinations! (ARDUF Communique)

ARDUF Communique
April 7, 2018

There are few Ethiopians who would not wish to give their new PM a benefit of doubt and willing to give him also time. Most of them wish him success in his difficult new job but almost every Ethiopian expect much from him to solve the complex and multifaceted problems of Ethiopia. Of course, they are cognizant of the fact that it will be very difficult for him to keep and realize all what he promised in his inaugural speech last week to the people of Ethiopia particularly as it is becoming clear that he was elected in spite of the opposition of TPLF leadership. So it goes without saying that its “state in the state” structure which is composed of intelligence, military contrabandists and mafia elements will do every thing in their power to sabotage his reform objectives.

The TPLF old guard will never give away easily. In other word, they won’t give up. The fact is that they have unlimited monopoly of power. They control over the military, intelligence and security of the state. They adopted policy of divide and rule, corruptions, ethnic conflicts and tribalism in order to maintain their power and control over others systematically. TPLF old guard, as part of their hidden agenda, they can instigate Abdi Iley and his Special Police Force (Liyu Hayli) to do havoc in neighbouring regions. After all, they are already demanding from the new PM for allot more ministerial posts to the Somali Region. They are advocating that the affiliated (Aggar Organisations) or Satellite Parties in the Afar, the Ben-Shangul, the Gambella, the Harari and the Somali Regions join EPRDF coalition to assure equality of organizations as well as of the regions. No Ethiopian will reject that proposal, but none will welcome it as an instrument of counterbalancing its dwindling influence inside the EPRDF ruling coalition.

The TPLFs old guard must realize that as one of their spokesman correctly stated in his speech to his follow Tigrigna speakers recently in Frankfurt-Germany that his organization cannot protect all Tigrians in different regions of Ethiopia. It cannot unarm and crush opposing Ethiopians with impunity without jeopardizing the disintegrating of the national army into its component elements and eventually its members join the peoples camp. This could end in the unstoppable disintegration of the state, a recipe for inter-communal strife and even a failed state. Such developments put Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s plans in precarious predicament and might nullify the sigh of relief we all felt when the new PM announced his reform platform. In spite of all those above mentioned daunting challenges the new PM assured the Ethiopians that his people is known for changing daunting challenges into opportunities. This is what every peace-loving Ethiopian peoples, both inside and outside the country, would like to see.

ARDUF will continue, with the rest of Ethiopians, fighting the TPLF until the constitutional, democratic and fundamental human rights are fully recognized, respected, protected and implemented in accordance to the rule of law. Let us help to that without forgetting our task of fighting TPLF and accelerate its eventual demise.

Victory to Ethiopian Peoples!!
Victory to the freedom fighter- ARDUF

Military Command Centre (MCC)
Information Desk of ARDUF
Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF)

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