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Abiy Ahmed speech after he is sworn in as prime minister

April 2, 2018

Abiy Ahmed, now the prime minister of Ethiopia, made a thirty-minute speech in the parliament, 100 % from members of the ruling coalition after he was sworn-in.

In his thirty-minute Amharic speech, he touched upon political challenges that his government is living with, social challenges and economic challenges that Ethiopia is facing and vowed to work hard to eliminate them all.

Reflecting on the history of Ethiopia, he described the relationship with Eritrea not just of economic relevance but as a blood relation and expressed readiness to work with the government in Eritrea to resolve the existing problem in a way to restore amicable relation.

He also mentioned about regional challenges that emanate from strategic interests of different powers in the region and underscored the importance of unity among Ethiopians. He also mentioned the issue of the dam hailing what he called a popular support for the project.

In terms of social issues, he noted the challenge that corruption is posing and the task of bringing about quality to the education system in the country. He also raised the issue of women and the challenges they are facing and vowed that his government will support women.

In the same vein, he talked about the rights of Ethiopians to work freely in all parts of Ethiopia and cautioned about what he called “racism” – a reference to ethnic-based division in the country. He did not mention the role of the political and administrative system which is ethnically based.

As well, he vowed to provide opposition voices level playing field so that they can work freely.

Highlights of his speech is available here

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