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TPLF putting together “peace and development” conference in Mekele

Mekele , Tigray
Mekele , Tigray
Photo : Fana Broadcasting

March 23, 2018

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) called for four days conference to take place in Mekele starting March 28.
According to pro-government media, Fana, “peoples representative from all federal regions” will take part in the conference.

“Peace”,”Democracy” and “Development” are among agenda items to be discussed in the conference.

The objective, according to Tigray region’s communication affairs and media capacity building director, Gizachew Girmaye, the conference aims to foster “unity of Ethiopians.”

It is unclear from state and affiliated media report as to why the conference has to take place in Mekele, Tigray and not elsewhere.

It seems to be the case that the conference is a new initiative rather than a scheduled one and Tigray region, which is the ethnic political base of TPLF, could be behind the initiative.

Apart from pointing to the very moral ground of TPLF, party which is still an ethnic party which is seen as a radical ethno-nationalist with supremacist agenda that manifested itself in the economic and political sector, many Ethiopians seem to believe that the party does not have what it takes to bring about Ethiopian Unity.

Protests across Ethiopia are essentially a call for an end to TPLF government.

The ruling party council, which constitutes 45 members from each of the four ethnic-based parties within the ruling coalition, is still having its meeting and is expected to pick a chairman who will also be a prime minister. Ethiopia is under a state of emergency since February 15 and the developments since then, including the massacre of civilians in Moyale, are believed to have further complicate relations within the ruling coalitions.

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