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38 passengers killed after a bus plunged into a ditch in Wollo

Bus accident _ Wollo _Legambo
The Bus after the accident
Source : Legambo Communications Office

March 13, 2018

A district communication office of Legambo in Wollo disclosed today that 38 people are killed after the bus they were traveling with plunged into a five meters ditch. The accident happened in a close distance to Genete village off Legambo.

28 of the victims are men and 10 are female. 10 passengers sustained serious and minor injuries. Those wounded are taken to a hospital in Akesta town. More serious cases are referred to Dessie referral hospital.

The passengers were from the towns of Mekane Selam, Wogedi, Saint and Legambo.

The communication office also cited a passenger who alighted approximately 3 kilometers before the bus run into an accident to report that it was carrying over capacity.

Most of the victims are said to be University students.

The office is reporting it as a traffic accident. And there is no indication from other sources about the possibilities of foul play.

A report by Chinese news sources, Xinhua, indicated that about 4500 Ethiopians were killed in connection with a car accident during the fiscal year 2016/2017. A study by the World Health Organization, as published by Addis Fortune, the rate of a traffic accident related death in Ethiopia in 2014 was about 37.28 per thousand persons, which makes Ethiopia one of the places in the world with high traffic accident deaths.

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