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Parliament called from recess for an emergency meeting on Friday

Parliament members to report before the end of one month long break for an emergency meeting

Ethiopian Parliament - Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency
Ethiopian parliament

February 26, 2018

Ruling coalition, Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has called the parliament, which is in recess for a month, for an emergency meeting on Friday.

Members of the parliament are expected to report starting tomorrow, according to information the party shared on its social media page which cited pro-government media, Fana Broadcasting.

The council of the ruling party has already scheduled a three days meeting between March 1 and March 3.

It is not clear if the party is planning to postpone the council meeting following the call for members of parliament for an emergency meeting.

If the council meeting happens, it is expected to pick a prime minister to replace Hailemariam Desalgn who announced his resignation a day before the state of emergency decree on February 15.

The contest for the position within the coalition of four ethnic-based parties is expected to bring about another layer of disagreement, according to observers.

Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDO) positioned its favorite candidate elected Dr. Abiy Ahmed, member of federal parliament, as chairman of the party. Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) on the other hand made no leadership reshuffle as Demeke Mekonen remained party chairman.

According to insider information, TPLF, the dominant party in the coalition already finalized an arrangement to make Demeke Mekonen, who is extremely unpopular within and outside of his party on grounds of his alleged loyalty to TPLF, as the next prime minister. Abiy Ahmed, on the other hand, is blackmailed by TPLF supporters in social media and usually that the view that TPLF supporters bring to social media for circulation or for agenda setting is in alignment with TPLF ruling elites.

In the event that the TPLF loyal Demeke Mekonen is not elected by the council, which has 180 members, forty-five from each ethnic party in the coalition, TPLF is said to be interested in Shiferaw Shigute, who was President of the “Southern Nations, Nationalities Peoples'” region and current federal minister of Education and the ruling coalition chairman, to be the next prime minister.

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