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Ethiopian protestant church concerned over the state of emergency, called for its removal

Protestant Mekane Eyesus church
Mekane Eyesus church in Chuko
Source : SM

February 25, 2018

Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Eyesus says it is concerned that the state of emergency which was declared last week could further complicate the situation in Ethiopia.

Unlike Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church, the Ethiopian Church as it is called by historians and researchers since the medieval era, Mekane Eyesus Church boldly advised the government to cancel the state of emergency.

The statement issued by the Protestant church was shared on its social media page calling the government to reconsider its decision and many Ethiopians have commended the church position.

“For the sake of unity and peace in the country, working together on the basis of consensus is important,” the church said in its statement.

President of the Church Pastor Yonas Yigesu told DW Amharic that the message is tendred to government authorities.

On the other hand, prelates of the Ethiopian Church, a church known in history as a defender of the Ethiopia cause in times of peace and war alike, are criticized for avoiding the subject and instead engaging in ceaseless propaganda on behalf of the regime in power.

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