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Seyoum Mesfin says TPLF is facing unprecedented danger

January 30,2018

Speaking in Tigrigna during TPLF’s latest meeting in Mekelle, of of close confidants of the late Meles Zenawi and long time Ethiopian foreign affairs minister Seyoum Mesfin openly told TPLF member that the party is facing unprecedented danger which need the party to act fast.

Translation of the Tigragigna speech published on Ethiomedia seem to suggest that the TPLF is living a deep crisis.

“Comrades, the danger ahead of us is very very worrisome. Before the sun set on us, we have to run, and run fast, to reverse the impending danger or our continuity is questionable,” reads a partial excerpt of his Tigrigna speech which is translated to Amharic by Ethiomedia editor, Abraha Belai.

He added that it has been a long time since the party betrayed the people of Tigray, dashing the hope of peace,justice and democracy for which Tigreans sacrificed their children. “The people of Tigray, we betrayed long time ago, feels like killed twice” and alluded to the confusion of what direction to take. “Similarly, continued Seyom Mesfin, “the youth that was supposed to inherit our[TPLF’s]heritage is betrayed by its lead organization and confused as to what direction it should take”

He recommended that the organization should kill no more time to kneel down and beg for the apology of the people of Tigray and he warned “we have no time”

Although it is very hard to tell how his speech resonate with people in Tigray,theoretically and practically the political base of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), his speech is likely to trigger anger among the rest of Ethiopia.

The rest of Ethiopia outside of Tigray has seen not only exploitation and repression but many families have lost loved ones because of TPLF’s chauvinistic and belligerent policy.

Tigray has always been party of Ethiopia and no Tigreans,historically speaking, was a target of hate because of ethnic identity. Because of the image of Tigray that TPLF created over the last twenty plus years, attitude towards Tigray identity and an image of Tigray is transformed to a negative one.

At a time when discontent about TPLF has reached to a breaking point, the organization still carries out killings in different parts of the country. And TPLF leaders have always tried to convince people in the rest of Ethiopia that there is no distinction between TPLF and the people of Tigray. It is time for these leaders to change the narrative, own their own problems and leave power peacefully without causing irreversible chaos for Tigreans and the rest of Ethiopians.

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  1. If they believe they are in crisis, they earned it because of their relentless evil deeds over the last 27 years. I was one of the AAU students, together with the deceased Melesse Zenawi, who gave up our breakfast to save the lives of the striving children of Tigrai in the 70s. And what did we get from the survivors who eventually became TPLF’s killing machine? Murder Oromo children at will and confiscate and sale Oromo land to build Tigrai and transform Tigrees to multimillionaires!


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