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Amhara regional state to pardon over 2900 prisoners

Amhara Regional State president - Gedu Andargachewu
Gedu Andargachewu ,Amhara Regional State president

January 30, 2018

Communication head of Amhara regional state, Nigusu Tilahun, announced that Amhara regional state resolved to pardon 2905 prisoners.

The decision was passed today during the regional council meeting in Bahir Dar. The regional state media, Amhara Mass Media Agency, reported about it as well.

The regional media also cited the Federal prosecutor to report that charges of 598 people in custody will be dropped but did not give details about major political figures included in the list of people to be released.

It is unclear, from the news update of Amhara Communication Head and Amhara Mass Media Agency report, as to when the prisoners are going to be released.

Lawyers of Colonel Demeke Zewdu, who was arrested in 2016 after resisting Tigray region security forces came to his residence during night time to detain him in connection with Wolkait issue, have proved in court that government evidence in support of the case against colonel Demeke Zewdu is wrong.

Other political leaders like Mamushet Amare of All Ethiopian Unity Party and Andualem Arage are still languishing in prison. They were charged in connection with their political activity but the federal government, which many Ethiopians think is TPLF, charged them with terrorism charges.

The ruling party passed the resolution to release political prisoners in order to broaden “democratic space” in the country but the Ethiopian government made headlines in major media outlets after prime minister Hailemariam Desalenge disowned his words that his government has decided to release political prisoners.

Oromo regional state pardoned nearly three thousand prisoners last week and the Federal government has released prominent opposition leader Merera Gudina, chairman of Oromo Federalist Congress party, who was given a hero’s welcome in his hometown Ambo.

The Ethiopian government has detained numerous journalists and Ethiopians with dissenting political views and the Federal government has not made it clear yet if it is releasing them all.

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