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Woldia protest spread to other areas, stay at home protest in the city

Woldia _ Sirinka _Protest _ Woldia
Photo : Social Media

January 29,2018

Woldia protest seem to be reaching more areas in the region. Yesterday, Sirikna which is about five kilometers north of Woldia staged a protest against killings in Woldia during Kanazegelia celebration over week ago and the killings in Kobo, 50 kms north eat of Woldia where there was a peaceful protest to oppose the killing in Woldia last week.

The extent of human causality from the protest is unknown yet. Government forces were deployed in the town.

Vehicles were burned in Sirikna. Roads leading to Woldia and Meresa from the town were blocked. The protest in Sirinka was aggravated by the killings in Mersa town two days ago. The head of Mersa administration was killed by protesters after shot four protesters with handgun.

Although government affiliated media outlet with access to information from security forces in the country reported about the protest in Sirinka, it did not report about the causality.

Meanwhile, the protest in Woldia is continuing. Social media reports,by activists with links in the region, say three days of stay at home protest is commenced in the city. Business centers and roads remained closed in the city.

There have been calls in the city for an end to the TPLF government which is believed to have orchestrated the massacre of followers of the Ethiopian church during a religious festival of Kanazegelia.

Social media reports also indicate that the region is militarized after deployment of large contingent of the defense force, perhaps something related to, as some say, the fact that the protest in the region could jeopardize road transport to Tigray region of Ethiopia, which is the political base of TPLF.

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