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Now it is Mersa , at least ten people reportedly killed

Mersa opposed the killing in Woldia and Kobo, government forces killed at least ten of the protesters

Mersa Ethiopia
Google Map of Mersa, Ethiopia

January 27, 2018
Updated on January 28, 2018 at 12:44 A.M

At least ten people are killed following a clash between protesters and Agazi forces in the town of Mersa, about 490 kilometers north of Addis Ababa. Several others are wounded.

Some social media sources claim the number of victims is well over twenty but it is not verified from other sources.

State media and government-affiliated media outlets in the country have not yet reported it. The latest report from Fana, media considered to be government mouthpiece, is a report about a blast in Afghanistan.

DW Amharic service report, which cited residents from Mersa on condition of anonymity, one of the person killed today is Habru District court head who is said to have been involved in the killings of protesters.. DW Amharic’s sources claim that he personally killed three protesters and wounded three others. And he was in in turn killed and burned,according to DW report and his house was set on fire. VOA Amharic report published yesterday seem to confirm that the court head is killed but did not say that he killed protesters. He fired handgun and wounded four protester, said VOA Amharic report.

Government offices and businesses that are believed to be affiliated with the government are blazed.

Also, anonymous social media sources that reached borkena claim that prisoners were freed from the police station.

Roads are closed with rocks in the Northern and Southern ends of the town in an apparent move to reduce mobility of Agazi forces.

The protest in Mersa started earlier today and the objective of the protest was to condemn killings of innocent civilians in Woldia and Kobo.

Mersa town is about 30 kilometers south of Woldia where Agazi forces massacred dozens of people in a religious festival exactly a week ago.

In a matter of one week, deployed Agazi forces have killed nearly thirty people in Woldia, Kobo and Mersa. Combat helicopters were deployed during the operation to suppress protest in Kobo.

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