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Breaking news : Security forces killed at least four in Woldia

Breaking news: Government deployed forces killed civilians in Woldia

Woldia - Ethiopia
Credit : mukuken Tesfaw

January 20, 2018

Government security forces killed at least four civilians in the city of Woldia, in north-central Ethiopia, this evening.

The city was rocked by gunfire for about three hours between 3:30 and 6:30 p.m. local time, according to Deutsche Welle Amharic service.

The number of deaths from what looks like a massacre in Woldia could rise as many are in hospital with life-threatening wounds.

Social media sources say that machine gun mounted pick up was roving around the city and shots were fired at residents of Woldiya who were celebrating the third day of Ephipany (St. Michael’s day, also known as Kanazegelia)

Similarly, there are reports of a clash between government security forces and residents of Bahir Dar and Gonder but there is no report of the casualty from it at this writing. In Bahir Dar, where more than 100 youth were killed by a government deployed sniper during the 2016 protest, regime’s forces reportedly fired tear gas on protestors as people were celebrating Timkat. The people of Bahir Dar responded to the attack from security forces according to Ethiopian Satellite report.

The city of Bahir is expecting unprecedented concert tomorrow as Ethiopia’s celebrated artist Teddy Afro is staging his concert.

Ethiopians exploit social and cultural events to express political resentment as peaceful demonstrations are not allowed.

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