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Ethiopia celebrating Timkat (Epiphany)

Timkat is celebrated across Ethopia

Timkat- Ethiopia
Timkat in the capital

January 19, 2018

Ethiopians are celebrating the feast of Timkat, literally means the feast of baptism (Epiphany ) – a commemoration of the Baptism of Lord Jesus Christ in the hands of John the Baptist at the Jordan river.

Yesterday was Ketera, a day when the laity and priests took the Ark of the Covenant to a water feature where the Ark will spend the night and epiphany ceremony will take place.

Countries with an Orthodox Christian tradition also celebrate Epiphany on the same day that the Ethiopian Church( which is also an Orthodox church) celebrates it.

Timkat is one of the Christian traditions in Ethiopia which is celebrated even by Ethiopian Muslims and the reason is that it has become a cultural feature too.

After a mass in the place where the Ark spent the night, it will be back to church with a solemn procession.

Timkat is celebrated across the country but the celebration in some parts of the country, Gonder for example, is an important tourist attraction.

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