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Tigist Mengistu Hailemariam speaks out on the issue of Abay

Tigist Mengistu Hailemariam
Ethiopian Video
January 18,2018

Former Ethiopian leader Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam’s daughter, Tigist Mengistu Hailemariam, speaks out on the issue of Abay

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  1. I commend your analysis, it has good persuasive points. Meles had well thought intrigue, when he introduced Abay Gedeb. 1st- to deflect the attention of the populace after the 1979 uprising.
    2nd- to sifen most of the money raised for TPLF political agenda.
    3rd- is what you indicated to put a wedge between Ethiopia and its neighbouring countries.
    Should we completely stop building the dam. My thought is no, we have come to far, but we should negotiate with our neighbors to reach a compromise that will be a win win to all involved parties.
    We might have to give up some for the sake of peace.

  2. I think you have a grudge that you are out of the palace. Do you know that your father how many people butchered? Stay away where you are and leave it alone about this business for the people of Ethiopia. Mind your business.

  3. I couldn’t listen to you because of what your father did to all of us who grew up during his time. I always said if he ever come to ethiopia, I’d go to court personally to sue him. I was only a kid who grew up in a time of great terror in ethiopia. If i were you, I’d come back to ethiopia and do some humanitarian work, at least, to compensate for what your father did wrong on his own people. You are a medical doctor, i assume, so please come and treat the afflicted children and elderly.

  4. The mentioned issue is sound or not it is better to evaluate in the eye’s of professionals. Don’t twist the subject with other non related ideas. It’s better to analyze the case only in the angle of the poor people’s of this basin countries not only Ethiopian,Sudanese and Egyptian. Don’t forget we Ethiopians are represents not only Africa but the globe mankind.

  5. Teguest, you should come to Ethiopia if you re really concern as my compatriots mentioned you can contribute instead.
    I was very young when derg came to power.
    I think that period was a turning point
    Growing up in that period of time is like wasted-time.
    But how to forget the terror ! The lose of our loved ones..
    the long lasting war.
    I believe deeply…those rebels wouldn’t ve come to power the way it happened if derg regime was not a Fascist. At first place the political interference of the army JUNTA  shouldn’t happened.
    He doesn’t  share  power to civilians as suppose to be done peacefully
    There was so many apportunities to solve the problem while position of power.
    “How to tell a dictator? He will  never retire in his homeland.”
    He sees himself as cannibal..
    After all the mess
    left a demoralized  army without  governance!
    We lost our access to the see..
    Great country like Ethiopia was reconised infamously with the picture we all know.
    A  country leader has to be a visionary according  to the country reality.
    At that time…Derg was russia ally
    The ESEPACO party was Derg DISGUISE to pretend  as an elected party..was a jokes..
    The main goal of the Derg  was how to last  in power by eliminating the so-called suspects all dictators do.
    In a cruel twist of Irony, tplf came to power..
    That Dark period.
    God bless Ethiopia


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