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Merera Gudina spoke to voice of America in his residence

We were working within the legal framework all along, says Merera Gudina

Merera Gudina
Merera Gudina waving to his supporters after release
Source : Social Media

January 18, 2017

Merera Gudina was freed yesterday after more than a year in detention for alleged charges of plotting to overthrow the constitutional order in Ethiopia through violent means.

His supporters took to the street and there was a typically Ethiopian warm reception for Chairman of Oromo Federalist Congress opposition party, Merera Gudina. An Ox was slaughtered and Fresh Kurt was served in his home in Burayu. Pictures and videos shared on social media captured the attention of many Ethiopians.

Many would agree that what is seen yesterday testifies that Merera Gudina has a formidable political support base in Oromo region of Ethiopia. As a politician is respected among Ethiopians and has a background from the era of left politics which was, although the ideology in the form it was introduced was foreign to Ethiopia, based on the idea of Ethiopia rather than ethnic identity.

Much has been changing since Merera Gudina was thrown to prison in 2016. Although it is premature to say now whether the President of Oromo regional, Lemma Megersa, will adhere to it or not, he has demonstrated a very good grasp of what Ethiopians need when he (and his team) took the initiative to reunify Ethiopians – which was seen as a positive step given the damage wrought by ethnic politics.

Will Merera Gudina rise up to the challenge and transform the existing promising change in the avenue of uniting Ethiopians to the next level in a way acting as a catalyst for change? And there are various options for his Oromo Federalist Congress to undertake a political change that Ethiopians are desperately looking for.

Video credit : VOA Amharic service
Cover Photo : Screenshot from Video
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