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Egypt has “extreme concern” about Ethiopia’s dam, says Egyptian president Abdul Fetah Al-Sisi

Egypt still wants impact assessment study be completed and Ethiopia has not accepted arbiter proposed by Egypt

Ethiopia - Egypt -
Press conference
source : Fana broadcasting

January 18,2018

Egyptian president Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi expressed “extreme concern” to Hailmariam Desalenge, visiting Egypt, over stalled talk regarding impact assessment regarding Ethiopia’s dam on the Blue Nile.

abc news cited Sisi as saying “…he appreciated Ethiopia’s repeated assurances that the dam, which is about 60 percent complete, would not have a negative impact on Egypt, but he said studies must still be completed and that all sides should abide by their findings.”

Sudan explicitly expressed its position and for now, it seems to be on the same page with Ethiopia. And Egypt is not too happy with Sudan’s position and recent deal between Sudan and Turkey reportedly aggravated tension between the two countries.

Although Abdul Fatah al-Sisi recently said that his country is not conspiring against Ethiopia and Sudan, and has no intention to go to war, there is reiteration that the issue of Nile is a “Red line.”

Special concern to Egypt, according to the news source, is related to the time it takes to fill the reservoir and the yearly replenishment. Egypt rapid fill of the reservoir would seriously affect the volume of water flowing to Egypt which would, says the Egyptian position, affect aspects of the Egyptian economy that depend on the Nile water.

Ethiopian government-affiliated media reported that Hailemariam Desalegne expressed to president that Ethiopia needs to strengthen economic and social ties with Egypt. The two countries have also agreed to elevate ministerial joint commission to Heads of state joint commission.

Ethiopian state media added that Hailemariam Desalegne and Sisi discussed bilateral and regional issues. Recent report by major media outlets claimed that Egyptian troops are in Eritrea – a story that Eritrea dismissed as fabrication.

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