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Ethiopian church recovered Ark, Hallowed objects and Land in Legetafo

Legetafo town administration returned confiscated Ethiopian church sacred objects including Ark. But what is the guarantee that this will not happen anywhere else in Ethiopia?

Abune Kewustos - Ethiopian Church - Legetafo
Abune Kewustos recovering Ark of John the Baptist Church from Lefetafo police station
Source : Hara Ze Tewahdo

January 17,2018

A year ago, Legetafo town administration of Oromo regional state belligerently bulldozed Ethiopian church, seized replica of the Ark of the Covenant and other hallowed objects used in church service only to store it in a container along with firearms, paints and edible oil (apparently seized from operation against illicit trade) at the police station in Legetafo.

Abune Kewustos, an elderly archbishop who is well in his eighties, was relentlessly working to get justice from the higher administration of the regional state. In a video that went viral on social media last year, he was seen crying about the harshness and belligerence of the administration that ordered the church be demolished.

The Mayor of the city Chaltu Sani was behind the decision to demolish Ethiopian Church and followers of Ethiopian Church handled the matter with care so as to avoid an image of possible religious and political motivation of the mayor in her decision.

Ethiopian church has been treated as an enemy due to poisonous ethnic politics in the past twenty plus years and what happened at Legetafo sounded like it.

Abune Kewustos and some other members of the Holy Synod met with the president of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, Lema Megerssa, who has become popular across Ethiopia. His administration decided to give back confiscated Ethiopian church hallowed objects including the Ark ,named after John the Baptist (the Amharic name, Metmeke Mekekot Kidus Yohannes, sounds more descriptive as it emphasizes the relation between John the Baptist and God). Lema’s administration also gave 3000 Square meters of land for the construction of the new church, according to Hara Ze Tewahdo, the leading source for Ethiopian Church news.

Mayor Chaltu Sani reportedly apologized for what she did to John the Baptist church.

Laity of the Ethiopian Church took the recovered objects with a solemn spiritual ceremony as seen in the video footage below which was released on social media yesterday.

No members of the local administration is still held accountable for the illegal action against Ethiopian church but prelates of the church including Abune Kewstos seem to be content that they have recovered the Ark and other holy objects. The question is, what is the guarantee that such illegal action will never happen to Ethiopian Church in the future?

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