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Omo People’s Democratic Union calls for National Dialogue

Omo People's Democratic Union calls for National Dialogue
Google map of Omo region

January 10, 2018

Ethiopian opposition from southern Ethiopia is calling for a national dialogue to resolve the political crisis in Ethiopia.

Vice chairman of Omo People’s Democratic Union, Alemayehu Mekonnen, says if the statement that the ruling EPRDF party issued following its executive meeting is to bring about reconciliation in the country, the ruling party need to involve all Ethiopian citizens, reported Ethiopian Satellite Television.

While commending confession from EPRDF for causing the problem which Ethiopia is facing now and for causing immense suffering to Ethiopians who clamored for justice,peace and democracy, the party demand the ruling party to organize a national dialogue and invite opposition parties (both in and outside of Ethiopia including armed opposition groups), religious leaders, civic organization and notable Ethiopians so as to bring about national reconciliation.

If the ruling party fails to do that, warns Omo People’s Democratic Union, a wave of popular protest will wipe them out.

International organizations including, The European Union, have been calling for national dialogue in Ethiopia to resolve the existing crisis. However, the ruling party showed no interest to pursue that avenue.

It rather demonstrates a sense of entitlement to continue to rule the country, in fact with no sensible reform to reverse adverse effects of misguided policy.

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