Ethiopian Music 2018: Endekora Mote Ligabaw Beyene by Gizachew Teklemariam

Ethiopian Music – Ligabaw Beyene

This single traditional Ethiopian Music by Gizachew Teklemariam has published on YouTube only three days ago. Hails Ligabaw Beyene, apparently a patriotic historical figure, for his patriotism and dying for his pride “ሊጋባው በየነ እንደኮራ ሞተ እንደተጀነነ ጠጂ አልጠጣም ብሎ ውሃ እየለመነ”

Video production itself is phenomenal. The message is great in view of rampant moral corruption in Ethiopia.

Cover photo : Screenshot from official video of Gizachew Teklemariam’s Ligabaw Beyene single

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  1. Yonas meles   November 19, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    I like Ethiopian music
    Because my country


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