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Egyptian forces in Eritrea : MEM

Egyptian Security  Source : Middle East Monitor
Egyptian Security
Source : Middle East Monitor

January 6, 2017

A heavily armed Egyptian army has arrived in Eritrea, reported yesterday Middle East Monitor citing Arabic News source, Al Sharq.

The Egyptian forces have apparently coordinated its move with United Arab Emirate (UAE), which established a military base in Eritrea a few months back.

The source added that Egypt, UAE, and Darfur based Sudanese government opposition had a meeting earlier.

There is a speculation that Egyptian military presence in Eritrea might have something to do with Sudan which allowed Turkey to take over Suakin Island, one of Sudan’s largest base which used under Ottoman empire historically.

Al Sharq is cited by Middle East Monitor for a report that Turkey has the intention to build a military base in Suakin which Sudan seem to have nodded for. If it happens, it is going to be Turkey’s second military base in Africa. It has established one last year in Somali.

Whether Egyptian military presence in Eritrea is purely triggered by Turk-Sudanese alliance or has some other objective, like a scare tactic against Ethiopia with which Egypt has controversy over the construction of a mega dam over the Nile river.

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  1. If provoke us the consequences will be imbedding eritria and we will form the united Ethiopia and give lesion as always to Egypt . as well as Finalize our Renascence dam. May be no more egypt .
    If exists it pay for drop of water.


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