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Residents of Shambu took to the street to send clear message for TPLF

Shambu had a response for the statement from “EPRDF executive“

January 2,2018

When the ruling coalition issued a statement upon completing weeks long meeting in which it denigrated the relation between Amhara-Oromo, one of the most intermingled group of Ethiopians, as one that is not based on “principle.” It is like there is a belief in the ruling elites that Amharic and Oromo speaking Ethiopians are meant to be at each other’s throat. Many Ethiopians were outraged about it which is noticeable from their status updates while others ridiculed the statement.

Residents of Shambu in Wollega, Oromo region of Ethiopia, resorted to taking the matter to the street to demonstrate peacefully to send a clear message to masters of the EPRDF regime that Amhara and Oromo are inseparable with a relation that runs deep in their blood.

The protesters carried slogans and placards both in Amharic and Oromigna to declare the oneness of Amhara and Oromo. “Ande Nen”, “Ye Amhara dem Ye Oromo dem new; ye Oromo Dem Ye Amhara dem new” are some of the slogans. The slogans translate to “We are one and inseparable” “The blood of Amhara is the blood of Oromo and the blood of Oromo is the blood of Amhara”

Meanwhile, while the regime deployed military forces to many parts of Ethiopia where there is a protest, there was also reported an effort to instigate ethnic violence in Buno Bedele zone, where there was manufactured ethnic violence that led to the death of at least eleven civilians.
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