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Five Ethiopians reportedly killed in Libya

Ethiopians died due to torture and captivity conditions in Libya

Ethiopians in Libya
Ethiopians Captured in Libya
Source – Euronews

Ethiopian News
January 1,2018

Five Ethiopians died in Libya where they were detained by human traffickers, according to a report by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT). They apparently died of severe torture and ailments due to conditions they are held against their will.

ESAT spoke on the phone to Ethiopian migrants in Libya. And they are cited as saying that “they face beatings and various forms of torture as traffickers attempt to squeeze more money from their families.”

The migrants are detained under deploring circumstances in the hands of human traffickers.

Of the 2,500 migrants packed in a make shift shelter with no electricity and not enough food, about 400 of them are Ethiopians, according to ESAT.

The migrants have tried to contact Ethiopian government through consulate in Egypt but the government do not seem to respond to their situation.

As slavery situation for African migrants in Libya came to a limelight after making headline in international media, the Ethiopian government confirmed last month that Ethiopian migrants are among those enslaved and Foreign Ministry spokes person in Addis Ababa, Meles Alem, told journalists that the “Ethiopian government is working on to rescue those in Libya”

Many Ethiopians are well aware of the danger of situations to migrate to Europe through Libya yet many seem to opt for it as the situation at home is equally desperate despite narratives of double digit growth and what not.

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