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TPLF reportedly deploying Tigray militia to conflict areas in Ethiopia dressing them as defense force

TPLF arming youth, former guerilla fighters and deploying militia to conflict areas in Ethiopia, reports ESAT

TPLF deploying Tigray militia dressing them as defense force
Source : ESAT

December 27,2017

A report by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) exposes that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leadership is deploying militia from Tigray, dressed as members defense force, region to parts of Ethiopia where there has been incessant protest which is demanding an end to TPLF government. Furthermore, former TPLF guerrilla fighters ( most of them are in their sixties by now) are also armed by TPLF and deployed, reported ESAT citing sources in the military.

It is to be remembered that the regime used militia from Tigray to quell down protest in Amhara region of Ethiopia, which caused a war like the situation at the time.

ESAT’s sources also exposed that the regime is intending to arm the Youth in Tigray to deploy to put down protests in Oromo regions of Ethiopia.

The news is not reported by other sources but given the desperate situation that the regime is in, and in light of experiences of reckless measures in the past, it is possible that the regime can do something like that. But it is sure to further aggravate the situation.

Meanwhile, the protest in Oromo region is still going on and becoming bold. Protesters are demanding change in government. In Adama, it is the seat of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, residents protests in Tikur Abay and Boko Michael localities in the city. Protesters opposed the death of civilians in recent ethnic violence which many entities in Ethiopia blame on the government. According to ESAT, the protest lasted for about two hours and the protesters condemned the ruling EPRDF party. Members of defense force and police in the city later dispersed the protest.

In a related development, there are reports that the regime is preparing grounds to incriminate officials in Oromo region of Ethiopia in connection with the conflict in Ethio-Somali region which caused the death of well over 100 civilians and displacement of over half a million people.

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