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[Video] Teddy Afro spoke to AFP. Plans to a have concert in Asmara, Eritrea

Teddy Afro looks forward to a concert in Asmara, Eritrea

December 28,2017

Teddy Afro -Ethiopia
Teddy Afro Watching Team Ethiopia play Zambia

Up on releasing his latest album entitled “Ethiopia” which has become a hit and on top of billboard, Teddy Afro planned a launch party at the Hilton Hotel, made a reservation and all was in order. As his crew showed up at the hotel and tried to unload instruments in the premises of Hilton hotel, they were that government did not allow it and the concert had to be cancelled. Unable to do anything to reverse the decision of Ethiopian authorities, who literally plunged the country to chaos and ethnic violence, Teddy Afro had to prepare an official letter to guests who were invited to the launch party to apologize and notify them that his concert is cancelled.

It has been years since Teddy Afro had a concert in Ethiopia. Despite a constitutional right, Teddy Afro was unable to get permission to perform in Ethiopia. And in the past he dealt with numerous government orchestrated sabotages , not only on matters related to deals with companies, like Coca Cola and Bedele Beer, but also he was even thrown to jail where he was kept in solitary confinement on trumped up charges of “hit and run”

Teddy Afro has a huge fan both in the country and abroad. He even have Eritrean fans. He had an interview with AFP in Addis Ababa this week and he revealed that he is now preparing for a tour to Europe and North America. He hopes to have a concert in Asmara, Eritrea, too. And his motive is to help improve the relations between Ethiopians and Eritreans which is marred after the regime in power in Ethiopia expelled Eritreans and tens of thousands were killed due to the two years border conflict.

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