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Protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia does not seem to end before an end to TPLF government

Protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia calls for an end to TPLF regime

Oromo Protest Ethiopia
Photo credit : ESAT

December 25, 2017

As government communication minister is calling for University students from different parts of Ethiopia to go back to their respective university campus to resume education, the protest in Oromo region of Ethiopia is showing no signs that it is coming to an end anytime soon and/or before an end to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front government.

A strike has been called in many towns in the region, according to a report by Ethiopian Satellite Television which has sources across the country. A video footage by ESAT show protestors chanting “Down Down Woyane.”

Unlike claims by the government in which it said that many universities have resumed teaching-learning process this week, Dire Dawa University and Adama University are reportedly closed.

Further, in central Ethiopia, Wolkite University was tense as student protest turn furious so much so that buildings were vandalized.

Ethiopian Satellite Television also reported that there was an exchange of fire between Tigray region special police and Amhara region special police in Debre Tabor University, in Western Ethiopia, where there was tension after security forces from Tigray region entered the university ground for alleged reason of “protecting Tigrean students.”

Meanwhile, Oromo Federalist Congress, one of the ethnic-based opposition political parties in the country whose chairman, Merera Gudina, and secretary, Bekele Gerba, are thrown to prison, called for the formation of transitional government during the party’s second congress. The congress discussed the existing political situation in Ethiopia and commended Oromo People’s Democratic Organization, another ethnic-based organization that works with the government, for supporting people’s struggle.

Video : embeded from ESAT Social Media Page.
Cover photo : Screenshot of ESAT Video

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