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Eke (Nebret Gelaw ) spoke out at Josey in the House Show

December 26, 2017

“Ethiopia is not comfortable to live but with all its problems I love Ethiopia” that is Nebret Gelaw (Eke), who is one of the popular character in the Betoch series and sat with Josey in the House Show for an interview. What he insinuated a cause of discomfort to live in Ethiopia is poverty. Obviously, it may not be possible to find common measure as to what constitutes comfort is. However, it is not disputable that one cannot be comfortable when she/ he does not have the basics of life and more importantly the hope of getting the basics of life.

The actor did not spare bad governance aspects as a challenge to live in Ethiopia too.

The situation in Ethiopia is worrying, as the European Union noted in its latest statement on Ethiopia. But it is more worrisome for Ethiopians.

The irony is that Ethiopia didn’t get on the verge of total chaos accidentally. The government that is ruling the country has rather been propagating to paint the very person – Meles Zenawi -who architect-ed the recipe for conflict, ethnic politics, as a visionary leader. Many Ethiopians have been killed and thrown to prison only because they dared to point out that ethnic politics will bring about a disaster.

Now on the threshold of it, unless reversed, Ethiopians are openly speaking out against Ethnic politics. It is in that context that the video below needs to be understood. True, everything they talked about may not be accurate but they made some points on the importance of

Video Credit : Josey in the House Show
Cover photo : Screenshot from Video

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