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Hundreds of thousands took to the street to mourn the killing of 18 civilians at Chelenko killings

Federal government deployed forces but scorns Chelenko will be investigated

Street mourning - Oromo - Nekemte - Chelenko
Mourning the deaths in Chelenko in the streets of Nekemte
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Ethiopia News
December 15,2017

Residents in many towns across Oromo region of Ethiopia took to the street to mourn civilians killed at Chelenko town when Federal government forces opened fire on protesters. Federal and regional authorities say the number of deaths from the attack is 16 and more than ten sustained injured.

In the attack, five family members were killed while working in sorghum farm in the locality of Jiya Dera, close to Chelenko town, in South Eastern Ethiopia.

Students from insinuations of higher learning were joined today by high school students for a mourning in the streets but it was also meant to be protesting the killing.

The mourners in Nekemete, Wollega, were dressed in black as in the sorrow tradition of Ethiopia.

In the month of October this year, ten civilians were killed in Ambo town after protesters blocked streets to impede mobility of Agazi troops ; these are special forces loyal to Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)

Oromo regional state condemned the attack on civilians as “unacceptable” on Wednesday when president of the region, Lemma Megersa, held a presser with Oromia Broadcasting Network (OBN), the regional state’s media. Further more, Lemma told OBN journalist the regional government had no knowledge of deployment of Federal military force that caused the Chelenko massacre. He has stated that the regional state would pursue the matter legally to bring those responsible before the law.

In an interview with TPLF affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporation, Federal Communication Affairs Minister, Dr Negeri Lencho, on his part said that Ethiopian National Security Council will investigate the matter and take necessary measure. The body he cited was formed recently as the unrest in the country re-surged and it mostly constitutes high ranking military officers although the prime minister is a nominal member and chair of it.
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