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TPLF and Afar Liyu Hayle’s Campaign to Dislodge ARDUF Fighters from their Bases Aggravates the Security Situation in the Region (ARDUF)

ARDUF Press Release
December 7,2017

A heavy fighting that raged for several weeks between TPLF forces assisted by Afar Liyu Hayle started a military campaign to dislodge the ARDUF (UGUUGUMOO) fighters from their bases in the mountain areas of Mogorros Afar Region.

In a parallel process this campaign which have the following undeclared goals:-

    •Demonstrating to European tourists that those tourist attractions or areas of Afar Region are safe for tourism

    •Instituting a one-clan dominated Liyu Hayle in Afar Region modelled after Abdi Mohamud Omar (Abdi Iley) ‘s notorious Ethio-Somali Region’s Liyu Polis Force

    •Preparing ground for carving of a 6th Zone (a new additional zone) in Afar Region called BEEDHI Zone (Sultanate of Biru) enlarging it by incorporating into it other tribal territories outside its traditional realm under the leadership of former Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) called Mr. Ahmed Ahaw who fought for quarter of century to make his proposed zone an integral part of an independent State of Eritrea but coming back recently from his Holland exile to join the clan-clique controlled by Afar version of Abdi Iley’s Liyu Hayle commanders.

In the name of ensuring “the peace and security” in the Afar Region during Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day celebrations in Samara City this weekend TPLF security forces and Afar Liyu Hayle tribal militias are not only trying to drive away UGUUGUMO fighters from their bases but systematically subjecting peaceful citizens to unlawful intimidation, arbitrary arrest, harassment, torture, enforced disappearances and politically motivated extra-judicial killings. Since August 2017, over 580 people have been unlawfully arrested and detained including women, elderly, disabled and ill people in different parts of the Afar region., namely, districts of Dalol, Erebti, Afdeera, Barahle, Bidhu, Magaale, Yallo, Dubte, Ad-Daar, Aysaita, Logya and even Samara city itself. They have deliberately denied food, legal representation, medical care, basic hygiene, and visit from families.

As a result of these gross human right violations heavy fighting broke out between TPLF army and ARDUF fighters in the Mountain Mogorros areas first. Since the beginning of third week November 2017, heavy fighting has been going on for several days but has intensified on Sunday night 3rd of December 2017, when TPLF and Afar Police forces were attempting to enter into ARDUF controlled areas in the Afar region. During this deadly fighting TPLF forces were badly defeated, beaten back and driven them back further into where they come from. 17 TPLF soldiers were killed and dozens of them were critically wounded in the attacks. TPLF-Afar Killil Liyu Hayle soldiers had inflicted a major strategic and substantial moral defeat that caused them humiliation and disengagement.

Consequently, ARDUF advises all foreign nationals not to travel to this areas of Afar region. Those foreign multinational companies, visitors and investors already in the Afar region must leave immediately for their safety and security reasons.

There is an extreme risk personal safety and security. For the aforementioned reasons, Afar Killil Liyu Police force just like its Ogadani counterpart under Abdi Iley is complicating and aggravating the security situation in the Afar region. This will not only creating a new regional crisis but also an international one.

ARDUF will continue to fight against TPLF forces and their Afar messengers and errand boys until our legitimate rights to self-determination is fully recognized and respected in accordance to the rule of law.

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