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Government admitted Ethiopians among those enslaved in Libya

Ethiopian News
December 7,2017

Ethiopian News - Libya slavery
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokes Person
Photo credit : The Ethiopian Reporter

Weeks after the world reacted to barbaric slave trade happening to migrants in Libya, Ethiopian government admitted that Ethiopian nationals are among those entrapped in slavery when Foreign Affairs Ministry spokes person, Meles Alem,spoke to journalists today.

The ministry claims that it got the information through the Ethiopian embassy in Cario,Egypt.

He added that Ethiopians have been identified as part of human trafficking networks through which Africans are sold as slave in Libya.

He said that his government is working on travelling documents to enable the migrants return home which suggests that the government has lists of Ethiopians in servitude in Libya. But he declined to disclose the location of Ethiopians in Libya due to, he claimed, safety reasons.

Yet, he also says that it is difficult to know the number of migrants in Libya due to the situation in the country which he described as “mostly stateless.”

Two years ago, Ethiopians across the world were shocked when ISIS in Libya beheaded twenty eight Ethiopian Christians although government was adamant to accept initially that the victims were Ethiopians.

Thousands of Ethiopian migrants have used Libya as a spring board to Europe but hundreds of Ethiopians have lost their lives on the way before making it to Europe. All these hardships and dangerous scenarios,however, seem to be less threatening for many young Ethiopians than the situation at home.

Many other African migrants are trapped in the Libyan Slavery situation.

Last month, the African Union called for an investigation of Libyan authorities in connection with slave markets of African migrants and this week the organization issued statement expressing intent to repatriate 20,000 migrants from Libya over the next six weeks of time.

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