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Alemayehu Eshete singing “…I don’t care” at Buffet De Lagare

Alemayehu Eshete is sometimes referred to as Ethiopia’s James Brown

Ethiopian Music Video
December 6,2017

It feels like Buffet De Lagar in Addis Ababa was Ethiopia’s hipster place in the 1970’s and 1980’s. But that is not how the late Maitre Artist Afewerk Tekle described it:

“Small international café with all the trimmings that you find in such similar places be it in Hong Kong, Paris or New York…You meet all kinds of people from all spectrum of life. I think it is a kind of melting pot.” Apparently, he liked it too: ” I think it is good that such a place exists in Addis.”

The singer featured in the Video is Alemayehu Eshete singing “…I don’t care.” He sings both in English and Amharic. It is rare, especially back then, for Ethiopian musician to sing in English. Not just that, his actions when he sings is unique for which he is dubbed as the ‘James Brown’ of Ethiopia.

He has got many popular Amharic songs as well ranging from one that nurtures patriotism to music that fosters positive social values. “Temar lije” for examples is very popular which emphasizes the values of Education as a form of social security.

But the music featured below is what could be regarded as a “Hippie” in the context of Ethiopian society back then.

Video: Social Media
Cover photo: Screenshot from the Video

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