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Government poised to expropriate leased land in Addis Ababa

Federal and regional governments dispossessing leased out land

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December 6,2017

Ethiopian government is planning take away land leased to investors in the capital Addis Ababa. From what government says, targets of this soon to be effective directive are investors who have leased land in the capital,for business purpose, but who have not yet started their business activity related to the appropriated property.

State broadcaster, Ethiopian news Agency, reported that 205 extensive plots of land are given out for investment purpose.

The deadline for investors to kick-off activity is on December 9,2017. What that means is if no business project related activity for which land is given out, government will take it back to list them in land bank.

Investors blame government for not starting their business activity due to infrastructure and boundary disputes which government was expecting to settle.

The government,however, did not say a word as to what it will do to Ethiopian born Saudi Billionaire, Al Amoudi, extensive possession in the center of the city.

The Guardian reported on Monday that that Addis Ababa ran out of spaces.

Land constitutes Addis Ababa City and Federal government’s rampant corruption scandals and many ruling party officials and/or their relatives are reportedly turned out to be overnight millionaires.

In a similar development, Oromo regional government,largest ethnic based regional government, disclosed this week that it took away 180 hectares of leased-land given from investors. It was possessed,apparently,by only eight “investors” – mostly in Jimma, North,East and west shoa zones of the region. The region’s investment commissioner, Reshid Muhaba, is cited by government affiliated Fana broadcasting as saying “the investors were unable to start their business and create job opportunities although government provided support.”

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