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Must watch reflection on Sedet (Migration)

Ethiopia News Video
December 2,2017

As in many African countries, Ethiopia has suffered the devastating consequences of migration across Mediterranean sea. Thousands have lost their lives in under horrifying circumstances in the sea and in the desert before reaching the sea. Many have become victims of rape before the eye of their partners. Thousands are still trapped in Libya purely in a brutal slavery.

Yet, the problem, the push factor, and alternative are barely discussed in Ethiopia. Doing the right thing to solve the problem is sound. However, finding oneself in a more devastating problem with the illusion of solving the problem is worse. Changing the situation in Ethiopia, whether it is political or something else, does take much less than what Ethiopian Youth are paying during the course of migration. What is lacking to do so, is consciousness and insightful and determined youth leadership. The video below is a good conversation starter. It gives some direction. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Video credit: Meleket media and EBC
Source : Social Media
Cover photo : screenshot from Video

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