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Security forces killed eight civilians as peaceful demonstration re-surge

Ethiopia News
November 29,2017

At least six civilians are killed by government loyal security forces, Agazi, in Harerge – South Eastern parts of Ethiopia. Two other civilians are killed in Nazret (Adama), reported Ethiopian Satellite Television today. The killing in Nazareth is related to the clash between demolishing task force and people who are said to have “illegal residential structures”. It was after the clash that Agazi forces were deployed to shot and kill.

The killings came following renewed anti-TPLF government protests in many towns across Hararge. Chelenko, Gursum, Bedeno and Babile are among some of the towns in South Eastern Ethiopia where security forces clashed with protestors.

In a similar development, students from Ambo University vacated the university. Other universities are tense. A few weeks ago, students vacated Metu University in South Western Ethiopia on grounds of government interference in the academic process.

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