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Aljazeera reports from Ethiopian dam project : 63 % completed

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November 29,2017

Tension over Ethiopian renaissance dam is growing after Egypt,Ethiopia and Sudan failed to reach an agreement in Cario this month over the guidelines of impact assessment over the dam. Egypt is sending a warning to Ethiopia but Ethiopia is not bothered about it as Ethiopia makes it clear that it will never accept what Egypt wants : implementation of colonial time agreemnt signed in 1929 and 1959 to which Ethiopia is not a signatory. In the meantime, Ethiopia is reaffirming commitment for dialogue and asserts that the dam will not affect the flow of water to Egypt. Sudan believes that the dam will not affect its share of the water. The Arab league is also crying foul over the dam as it thinks that “Egypt’s interest in Arab League interest.”

Aljazeera’s journalist reported the following from the project site. Based on the report, the project is now completed 63 %. Five kilometers of supplimentary dam is construted along with the dam which covers 1874 square kilometers.When totally completed, the dam will generate a total of 6000 MW of electric power which Ethiopia seeks to export to other countries in the region including Sudan.

Aljazeera’s report indicate that the dam area is ready in the event of attempted Egyptian airstrike.

Video credit: Aljazeera
Cover photo : Screenshot from Aljazeera video

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