5000 Oromo militia added to the region’s security force

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November 25,2017

Oromo militia - Ethiopia
The militia at the graduation ceremony
Credit : Fana

5000 Oromo militia recruited and trained by Oromo regional state graduated today. They graduated in the presence of Lemma Megerssa, president of the region. The militias were trained at the Senkele police training center for two months. According to government report, the militia took capacity building and military training before they graduated today.

The Oromo regional state says training the militias was important so as to “protect the constitution,rule of law and security of people in the region.”

There is a claim by the oromo regional state that there was public participation in the selection of the militia.

The region has its own police and special police force. For the last two years, the region has been unstable due to ceaseless demonstrations against government and hundreds of civilians have lost their lives – mostly in the hands of government security forces.

Sporadic ethnic violence become a hallmark of the region and citizens from other parts of Ethiopia have been attacked in different occasions. In the last two months alone, at least three ethnic violence were recorded in the region.

The level of ethnic sentiment and sense of entitlement has become so bad to the extent that a fight between two individuals from different language speaking could turn to a full scale ethnic based violence. Two days ago, a conflict between two individuals which led to homicide in Arsi Negele was turned into a full scale ethnic violence.

What many citizen question though is if militia and security forces could make a difference in a situation where radically politicized ethnicity and ethnic based hate has taken root.

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