Egypt declare three days of national mourning after 235 killed in Mosque attack

Unprecedented terrorist attack in the history of Egypt in terms of casualty

Egypt attck
Today’s terrorist attack in Egypt
Source : Daily News Egypt

African News
November 24,2017

Egypt declared three days of national mourning following the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of the country which claimed the lives of more than 235 people. More than 109 people are injured, according to official government figures.

The attack happened during Friday prayer at Al-Rwanda Mosque in Buer El Abes, North Sinai. The terrorists used improvised explosive to cause the attack.

President Abdul Fatah Al Sisi made a speech to the nation following the attack and he said the military and police will revenge “using brute force against those fragments of terrorists.”

A terrorist attack has become a recurring problem in Egypt. More than forty Coptic Christians were killed during palm Sunday attack in Cairo this year. A similar attack occurred in Alexandria.

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