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Hired American private investigator reportedly torturing arrested Saudi Arabia princes;billionaire hung upside down

Billionaire - Saudi Arabia -  Ethiopia
Arrested Princes and Billionaires at the RIz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh
Source : DailyMail

Ethiopian News
November 23,2017

Saudi Arabia princes, business tycoons, and former politicians who are detained in a crackdown in the first week of this month are going through interrogations.

Saudi Arabian government has hired a security and private investigation company from the United States according to a report by The Daily Mail which cited unnamed Saudi Arabian sources.

The reason Saudi Arabia wanted to hire private investigators and security instead of using the country’s own security and crime investigation apparatus is because the prince (MBS) “doesn’t want Saudi officers there who have been saluting those detainees all their lives” said the anonymous Daily Mail source in Saudi Arabia.

At times, the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman get himself involved in the interrogation process :

‘He speaks to them very nicely in the interrogation, and then he leaves the room, and the mercenaries go in. The prisoners are slapped, insulted, hung up, tortured.’

The report added that the elites have been hung by their feet and beaten by their interrogators. Once one of Saudi’s most influential man and billionaire(worth at least 17 billion US), Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is tortured and hang upside down.

“Detained members of Saudi elite have been hung by their feet and beaten by interrogates” wrote The Daily Mail citing sources.

“Blackwater” is the American investigator company that is cited in the DailyMail report but the news source reported that the company denied involvement in Saudi interrogation and/or torture. It is illegal in the United States’ law to commit torture. However, the Daily Mail report added, citing the anonymous source, that the company no longer exists and it is “Academi.” Yet, “Academi denied that it is involved in the interrogation of Saudi Princes and businessmen.

So far, Saudi crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, confiscated $194 billion from the bank accounts and assets of detained princes and billionaires.

Ethiopian born billionaire, Al Amoudi, is among the arrested during the crackdown three weeks ago.

Daily Mail report is available here

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