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TPLF meeting resolved to make people in Tigray more beneficiary

TPLF says it contributed, directly or indirectly, to the Ethiopian crisis like situation

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November 17,2017

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) announced that it is going to re-organize the leadership. In a statement sent to Fana Broadcasting, affiliated broadcaster, the party said that Development and Transformation strategy in Tigray had a notable strategical problem in terms of making people in Tigray beneficiary of the program although there were “developmental success” in urban and rural Tigray.

The statement from the party stands in a stark contrast to public opinion in the rest of Ethiopia as there is a tendency to think that Tigray region, albeit it constitutes only six percent of the total population in the country, is the number one beneficiary of the TPLF regime. Apart from affiliated TPLF business across Ethiopia in hotel, manufacturing, agriculture and export trade, the TPLF party itself has created wealth in excess of US $5 billion and most of the companies that belong to TPLF are based in the Tigray while the money making busieness are located outside of Tigray region.

The party’s central committee performance evaluation, which was going on for months now, reached agreement that its relations with that it calls “sister organizations” (that is a reference to member parties in the ruling coalition -EPRDF) was problematic and that it contributed, directly or indirectly, to what the crisis in the country. However, the party puts the blame for “threat to constitutional order” on what it calls “chauvinists and narrow nationalists” – a label it rather employs in reference to forces who resist TPLF chauvisnits and ethnic supremacy sentiment.

The party says that is has a tradition of “self-criticism.” In that regard, the party identified anti-democratic sentiment, lack of unity of purpose based on principle and tendency to defend and attack based on kinsmen in the leadership as crucial problems.

The meeting is expected to end next week and when it ends, it is expected to restructure the leadership in a way to bring in young party members to a leadership position.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s monopoly of the economy and key structures in the government are no longer accepted for many Ethiopians.

While some activists and media people think that TPLF is on the verge of split that could bring the organization to an end, there is no clarity regarding the power balance and leaders of the factions. Voice of America Amharic service interviewed former TPLF member who was purged during the TPLF 2000 split, Gebrua Asrat, but his view of the alleged current split within the party is rather murky.
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