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Forgiveness and reconciliation when and how?

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Letter to the editor
November 8,2017

By T.K. Mamo

Dear fellow Ethiopians

Ethiopia is at the edge of civil war and about to loose the country which we love. We all have a dream to see our country be great, prosperous , civilized, comfortable and peaceful place in the world . The historical enemies of our country are scrambling to make this great country disintegrate if possible or destabilize otherwise. As a citizen let us protect this not to happen . This can be averted if and only if we strongly advocate about reconciliation and forgiveness. I believe there are a selected few community leaders , elderlies , religious leaders and influential persons who can take the task and give a piece of advise for the government / opposition parties and mobilize the people for forgiveness / reconciliation . I understand how hard this will be to convince those people on the top but better to try than giving lip and regret . Especially reconciliation is useful for the government and they will benefit out of that and take advantage before the day for them is over .

Even if reconciliation is a complex and very difficult to come across with immediate solution right away it will minimize the current sorest Ethiopian situation.The purpose of reconciliation is a fantasy meanwhile wishing a bright future, something valuable to plan towards or perhaps even an ideal state to hope for and we Ethiopians as a society moves from a divided past Ethiopia to a unified, strong and wealthy shared future.

Reconciliation happens in between the sitting government and opposition groups, nations or ethnic groups that are victims for a couple of decades because of the divide and rule sentiment, voracious nature and power monger of the existing government. Solving of this disaster will help to find a way to live former enemies and indigenous / exile political party members together. Reconciliation and forgiveness will help Ethiopian people to forget the past in anyway , establish cooperation and as a result they all have a better tomorrow together than they have had separately.

Fruitful reconciliation is the best guarantee that the chaos or crisis of the previous, the divide and rule, selfishness, dictatorship, monopoly of power etc. will not happen again. A mutual relationship between everybody honor on respect and genuine understanding of fears and aspirations are the best reliable guards against a return to violent division. All opposition parties, civic organizations, churches, mosques, and the diaspora at large have to mobilize ethnics leaders ,women and youth associations to prevent the deteriorating worst situation of our country . This can be happen through advocating nonviolent solutions by compromising and mediating all sides which is followed by reconciliation. This may help to promote collaborative activities for the opposition groups , government and the Ethiopian people . This coordination and cooperation will help to develop positive attitudes and slowly go beyond anger, bitterness and gradually come to see each other friends not as enemies . Our people are naturally blessed and know how to live together with love and pride regardless of their ethnicity , religion and political affiliation . Reconciliation involves a coming to terms with an imperfect reality which seeks changes in our emotions ,attitudes and aspirations.

If we have something to do for our country this is the right time to coordinate and pay whatever price it costs . It is not enough to say my Ethiopia my motherland . Our country is at risk and the people lead their life in fear and hopelessness. Our Ethiopia lost it’s grace in the face of the world, instead looks destitute and unfortunate which is caused by some evils. Let us apply our tall grandfather’s ways or techniques of solving crises whenever it appears and do our best to make bright days to come.
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