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TPLF resume meeting in Mekelle as protest recess in Oromo region

Ethiopian News
November 7,2017

TPLF meeting - Ethiopian News -
TPLF meeting / File

Tigray People`s Liberation Front (TPLF) resumed its meeting in Mekelle yesterday. The party central committee had its week long meeting towards the end of September this year.

TPLF has a tradition of conducting secretive meetings but the meeting last September was exceptionally secretive. To date,little or nothing is known as to what the party discussed.

Fana Broadcasting, pro-TPLF media, reported yesterday that the TPLF meeting which resumed yesterday is evaluating the 2009 Ethiopian budget year and performances. Discussing internal party and government plan is also an agenda item.

The central committee is also expected to plan political activities for the party and elect thirteenth organizational congress executives.

There have been rumors of a new split within the party on the issue of what the response to mounting anti-TPLF sentiment though out Ethiopia and opposition to the government. The first split within the party was in the year 2000 which led to the success of the late Meles Zenawi faction while the defeated faction was purged.

Some media outlets based in the diaspora, Ethiopian Satellite Television for example, often report that the latest division within the Tigray people`s liberation front is over power. And they see two factions; Abbay Woldu, who is president of Tirgray Regional State, faction and Debretsion Gebremichal, who is dominating Hailemariam Desalegne`s Federal government. There is even claim that the Abay Woldu faction is losing ground in the internal struggle for power. However, no concrete evidence is yet available that signifies power struggle within TPLF.

The ethnic party whose base is in Tigray amassed a great deal of wealth by looting and squeezing the country and is now worth well over six billion dollars with a huge business empire in Ethiopia.

Territorial expansions to the west, south and east of Tigray has brought TPLF to a collision course with people in Amhara and Afar regional states respectively but resistances to it was quelled, especially in the west, after TPLF leaders mobilized the federal army to militarize the region.

The Tigray region also used the Federal government to initiate security agreement with Sudan which led to the establishment of joint-military border security.

TPLF is implicated in orchestrating recent violent ethnic clashes in Oromo -Somali region, in Buno Bedelle Zone in South West Ethiopia and in Benshangul Gumuz regional state, Western Ethiopia. Dozens of innocent civilians were killed in the conflict.

Coalition members of the ruling EPRDF which is dominated by TPLF are showing an apparent sign of resistance to TPLF power. Oromo People`s Democratic Organization (OPDO) which is in charge of administrative structures in the Oromo region of Ethiopia took bold moves in recent months in resisting TPLF powers. Speaker of Federal parliament, Abadula Gemeda who is from OPDO, resigned from his position citing what he called `disrespect to his people and party`

Contraband business people who are using their ethnic affiliation with Tigray party were repeatedly caught in the region with tons of coffee which was meant to be smuggled. But the party seem to be taking a pacifist tone and apparently avoiding a new picture of it as a rebel to TPLF`s unregulated and absolute power.

Anti-TPLF protest in Oromia region is recessing since last week but there are expectations that it surge again.
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